Thanks to Chvrches

Thanks to Chvrches I like music again. Okay, I never really stopped loving music but I lost interest. For about three years.

Over the past couple of weeks I have watched nearly every interview they’ve done that’s on YouTube and listened to my favourite songs of theirs over and over. It’s a love affair in its honeymoon phase.

I like watching the video of lead singer, Lauren Mayberry’s, Jawa impressions the most though.

As I said, it’s not just their music that made me like them. They’re just so bloody NICE. They’re funny, polite, intelligent. They’re not manufactured.

In terms of performances of theirs that you can watch online, the one below is special. Very raw and emotive.

Some of my favourite tracks of theirs are the more melancholic ones. They’re the ones with the more meaningful – at least to me – lyrics. For example, The Mother We Share and Lies have affecting lyrics, such as “We’ve come as far as we’re even gonna get,” and “I can sell you lies, you can’t get enough”. The way Lauren delivers those lines makes me go “wow”.

I felt I was ‘meant to’ love this band not just because I like how they sound but when I discovered Lauren is a journalist, like me. She’s won an award for her work though. She’s done a lot in her life so far, apart from music, which is impressive.

Iain Cook’s and Martin Doherty’s pasts are slightly less documented on the internet but I believe Iain has been in bands and producing music for a considerable time. His skills are clearly crucial to the band’s sound and progress. It sounds like being a musician has always been his dream and Chvrches appears to have thrust him in to the limelight. Equally importantly, to me, he seems like such a lovely guy. I get the impression he sort of took Lauren under his wing and helped her find hers. Maybe?

I gathered from a YouTube video that Martin met Iain at university. You can tell they’re quite close and I think that makes their performances more special. Martin was a guitarist for the Twilight Sad, a Scottish indie band. He’s also a football fan but he won’t reveal whether he’s Rangers or Celtic (possibly to avoid controversy)!

You wouldn’t necessarily put the three together (well I wouldn’t) but when you watch their interviews it’s clear, as a trio, they have a connection you can’t fake.


Friends who drink together, stay together

So thanks, Chvrches, for being the first band I’ve been crazy about for a long time. I might even come and see you play! *Psssst* Come to Cardiff!


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