Why do we worship bands?

Every music fan has wanted to be mates with their favourite band. You’ve probably wanted a band member to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. There’s something about the way they make you feel with their music – whether that be through the lyrics they write or the instrument they play, or something else – that makes you need them. To use a cliche for a second, it’s like a drug you’re addicted to. Like sugar or caffeine. They make your brain feel good and you can’t get enough.

Us humans have always put those seemingly more talented than us on a pedestal. Once it was Jesus Christ – I haven’t read much of the Bible though so don’t ask me to explain exactly why they flocked to him and took all of his words as gospel.

I guess it’s a similar thing to how many of us are fascinated by physical beauty although is that as interesting? I don’t think so.

I’m a healthy 27 years old now so I feel like I shouldn’t really ‘fanboy’ about anything. Life’s magical because you can’t predict what you’ll fall in love with though.

I read/ heard somewhere that we develop a connection with a band/ singer because things they sing and sounds they produce resonate with us and how we feel or felt at a certain time. Like when we meet someone new who agrees with you on a subject that’s really close to your heart, it means so much.

I recently found a new band I have this connection with and I can’t wait to go and see them live.


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