Single review: Return To The Sun – Haze

This band from Edinburgh connected with me on Twitter – @jbriscoe26 – and I thought I should give their latest track, Haze, which is out on May 11, a listen.

Return To The Sun describe themselves thusly in their Twitter bio: “Rambunctious indie rockers with big choruses and pounding riffs.” I completely agree with that.

I love anything with a Scottish accent at the moment as I’m obsessed with Glasgow band, Chvrches, so I warmed to RTTS straight away.

They’re name is appropriate as their guitar licks remind me of summer, summer listening to old Coldplay songs actually.

Lead singer in Haze, presumably Steve’s pure, yearning vocals certainly help create the identity of the band, along with their familiar guitar vibes.

Haze is a promising sign for the band’s future and hopefully they can build on this. I’d love to hear more of their material to see what other delights this intriguing 3.47-minute gem leads to.

You can listen to more by RTTS here on SoundCloud


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