Cat Power

Two of my favourite songs are Cat Power’s (aka Charlyn Marie Marshall) covers – Sea of Love and I Found a Reason.

I’ve been watching some of her recent interviews. She’s changed quite a bit since I used to listen to her and watch her about five years ago and then it was her old stuff.

Charlyn often talks about her tough upbringing. She was abandoned by her parents as a baby and looked after by her grandmother until she was reunited with her mother and father later in childhood. You don’t need to know this to see she’s a highly emotional person who apparently has at least one or two demons.

It’s a cliche but it’s true; some of the best (probably the best) artists, writers and musicians, etc, are the troubled ones.

In Charlyn’s voice you can feel so much pain and raw emotion, it reminds me how deep a song can take you.

Here’s one of her more recent tracks, Cherokee:

She says she has family members with native American roots and she’s interested in their culture.


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