Sofia Talvik – Big Sky Country

WHEN I heard about Swedish singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik and her new album, Big Sky Country, I was excited to hear from an artist hailing from a country that’s not mega-fashionable. I was excited to hear an unfamiliar accent – one of the reasons I like Chvrches and liked Arctic Monkeys when they hit the scene.

Then I twigged why the record is called what it’s called. The vast panoramas of the final frontier gave birth to this sound.

Sofia toured America for a year-and-a-half over 37 states prior to releasing this album which is described as ‘Americana/ Folk’.

Admittedly, I was disappointed Big Sky wasn’t more ‘Swedish’ and skeptical about how special it could be as right now everything seems to be inspired by America.

What sets Big Sky apart is its authenticity. Sofia’s walked on the dusty tracks, the ‘red fields of Texas with their oil below’, felt the sea breezes and heard the honking horns of American towns and cities. 37 states, as I said. She’s even, as she sings, ‘heard the San Francisco sea lion’s call’. Evocative lyrics.

Sofia and her husband, Jonas’, tour vlog on Vimeo –

Big Sky is perfect to listen to as dusk draws in on a sunny day and you (because don’t we all?) want to fantasize about sitting in the country somewhere in the States with a drink, looking over never-ending pastures to a hopeful horizon.

Starwalker‘s Native American-like wails are unique and show this record is a real work of art. It’s influenced by America but more so by the impact of the country on the singer than influences from modern day pop music. Starwalker could be a strong single, however, each track tells its own story, which could make Big Sky one of those records you can come back to again and again.

Soundcloud link

Big Sky Country release date: April 28, 2015

Sofia’s facebook page:

Sofia’s twitter: @sofiatalvik


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