Trust Fund – Seems Unfair album review

I love this album. I couldn’t not. One song, Seems Unfair, has the line ‘This is the real quiz’ – hopefully a nod to a very funny scene in The Office (UK) – my favourite ever TV show.

And that’s how the record Seems Unfair makes me feel too. Happy. It’s fun. It’s breezy. It’s almost naive. A bit of crisp exuberance is very welcome in a time when every song seems to be too deep, too self-aware.

I’m not saying Trust Fund’s second record is simple. The lyrics are clever and interesting. Ellis’ voice is memorable. No-one really sings like him.

Maybe it’s a lack of polishing in a multi-million-pound studio that gives the album its unique feeling (I don’t know where the album was made) but it’s honest and real and charming and that’s what I want to listen to at the moment.

It seems what you hear is what you get with Seems Unfair. I know Ellis can sing live and the vocals aren’t ‘faked’, every other sound seems like it was made by a human playing a physical instrument so I imagine Trust Fund’s gigs are pretty special and can’t wait to see them.

The lyrics to Michal’s Plan – the record opener – are quite sad but then humour soon comes in as the track picks up pace with the line ‘Your costume is wet and festering in a Tesco bag’.

I think if you really dug deep into the songs and looked at their lyrics you might find a bunch of confessional songs based on personal, maybe regretful things and feelings. You might not. But the vocals and instrumentals are so high and sunny you can’t help but smile.


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