Northern Soul night at Cathays Cons Club

GREAT that soulies are keeping the torch burning in Cardiff. I’ve loved black music; soul and Motown since the day I heard it. There is a moment I can remember though, when my Dad was giving me a lift home from somewhere, and Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye, came on the radio and my Dad said how much he liked it. The hairs on my arms stood up. It was an otherwise mundane situation, sat in a modest car (probably a Ford Fiesta) but a switch flicked in my head and I knew then I felt a deep connection with music sung like Gaye sang.

Fast forward about 17 years and I’ve heard plenty more soulful tunes where that came from but it was not until this year – 2016- the soul bug really swept me off my feet.

I think I’d been looking for a scene to be part of and just in time, Northern Soul came along.

I went to my first soul night on April 5, at Fiddlers Club in Bristol, and I want to make up for lost time so I’m trying to get to them as often as I can.

So I went to a night at Cathays Cons Club organised by Penarth Soul Club, on Friday, April 22.

I loved the vibe of the place. I could hear the music playing before I saw the dancefloor as I walked through the main doors and climbed the stairs.

There was a good crowd although it was a while before the first person started moving on a groove. Many of the patrons were happy to sit and enjoy the music throughout which is fine of course.

The music was good – some of my favourite Northern songs were played, such as Suspicion by The Originals. Sadly, I didn’t feel quite right and my legs felt like jelly so I didn’t do much dancing!

I was a bit disappointed rarer tracks weren’t played as that’s partly why I want to go to these events but it was fantastic fun to sit with my cider and listen to this beautiful music played loudly. It was also brilliant to see people having so much fun dancing to songs they love.

You can find Penarth Soul Club on Facebook at
cathays cons


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